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Operating the Hot Tub

Please take the time to read this instructions regarding the operation and care for the hot tub. It will keep the water clean and everything working as it should.


Commands to know

  • You will find a control panel in the front area of the hot tub. These are the commands you should use during your stay:

  • JETS: To turn the hot tub on /off.

  • LIGHTS: To turn lights on/off (if you continue pressing on the button, the color of the lights will change)

  • UP AND DOWN ARROWSFor temperature control. *Tip: The temperature will rise faster with the Jets turned off. If you like your water hot, tap the buttons to your desired temperature in the screen 10 minutes before you get in and turn the jets on just before getting in.

  • Please don't manipulate other functions 



  • PLEASE avoid going in the tub if you have sand, sunscreen or lotions on you to keep the water clean. There is an outdoor shower you can use to clean off after the beach / excursions. If your bathing suit is full of sand, best rinse it off thoroughly before getting in the hot tub

  • I don't clean the hot tub every day, so if you get the water murky, you won't have a sparkling clean hot tub the next day.

  • You can set the tub to as hot as you like while you are using it. But please, remember to dial the temperature down to below 90 degrees after you are done using it. It keeps the water cleaner and saves energy.

  • Please remember to put the cover back on and turn off lights when you are done with the tub. Specially at night, since it draws in bugs.

  • Please be aware that the jets will turn off automatically after about 15 minutes of use. Just press the button again to continue enjoying.



  • This tub is cleaned only with professional, Chlorine-free products. We use bromine based purification and Chlorine-free PH controllers.

  • This tub will begin a self-cleaning filter cycle automatically twice per day, for about 30 minutes each time. This is to run the water through an ozone filter. It is perfectly safe to use the hot tub while the routine self-cleaning is running. 

  • Best place to put the cover on is leaning against the umbrella.


Playa La Macha, Zona Americana, Quepos.

300 metros Sur de Oficinas del MINAE


+506 88970263




Wifi Login

Network: The Lookout

Password: 87654321

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